Body Toning

Ultrasound cavitation converts fat cells into liquid, which can then be naturally drained by our body’s natural filtration system, resulting in a slimmer body shape and smoother skin. Once the fatty liquids are released, the vascular and lymphatic systems move them through the body to be processed by the liver. The liver processes this fat through normal metabolic procedures to be removed from the body naturally.


  • Vibrate to massage
  • Reduce & Lift Sagging Skin
  • Enhances luminosity of the skin
  • Fat Reduction
  • Body remodeling
  • Cellulite Treatment and skin partial reconstruction
  • Tightening loose skin

Waist / Stomach / Hip / Back or Front Tight 30mins :: $120

Add-on @ $40 each.

Arms / Legs / Lower Back 20mins :: $100

Add-on @$30 each.